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VSO's 100 Blogs...100 Typos: 90 - 81

The glorified clip show that is "100 Blogs...100 Typos" continues to roll on as we enter the go-go 80s. I don't know what's more work: writing one solid original post or putting together a mostly recycled offering made up of references to ten previous posts. For all the flack clip show episodes of sitcoms get, it still takes a significant amount of effort to produce those patchwork quilts of entertainment; especially coming up plausible scenarios where the characters would have a reason to start reminiscing (my favorite is when people are stranded in airports/traffic jams/closets/walk in refrigerators/etc.).

However, I digress. Bring out the blogs!:

90. A Raisin in the Sun
March 2, 2008
This was definitely one of the most random entries I ever wrote. There was really no real pop culture angle behind this, I was just eating Raisin Brans (which in itself was a pretty uncommon occurrence) when I decided to call out that smug shinning sun and his exaggerated raisin numbers. In retrospect I find it has a sort of observational stand up comedian feel to it. Try to read it again with the voice of Jerry Seinfeld in your head, it works oddly well.

89. Sweep the Leg, Johnny!
July 18, 2007
A vintage entry from my World Series of Pop Culture heydays. Any entry that takes me back to those halcyon days of game show fame and riches should be ranked a lot higher, but this one was a particularly short update entry. That and it was also about the one round I got eliminated from play, so it wasn't really the best of memories. To this day my Karate Kid loving friends will never forgive me for forgetting Daniel-san's Halloween costume, which apparently is the equivalent of forgetting the answer to obviously adds up to shower.

88. Picture This!
February 8, 2008
The second of my ongoing picture series. This entry probably also has the distinction of being my first NSFW post (now that's got your attention hasn't it?). Anytime I can make a Photoshop image that looks semi-realistic and not as if a child had crudely ripped out images and haphazardly gluesticked them together, I get a small groundswell of pride. I actually ended up listening to some of that "National" album and, as with most indie rock I listen too, I found it could have used some more power chords and upbeat songs about going to the beach.

87. Darling don't you go and cut your hair
March 30, 2008
This photo heavy post can almost be considered a part of the "Picture This!" series, however it does distinguish itself with my little rant about long hair and individuality amidst the NFL's fascist approach to stomping out any evidence non-uniformity. Fortunately the NFL owners decided they had more important issues like opting out of the collective bargaining agreement and jeopardizing labor relations for the future than getting all Brutus the Barber on the long haired players.

86. Go head' on and break 'em off wit a lil' preview of the remix...
May 16, 2008
I might have been up for a while when I posted this. I recall at the time finding that O'Reilly video both endlessly hilarious and mesmerizing. It's still still pretty neat now but definitely not as interesting as it was then. One surreal thing about the original freak out video though is it just ended up verifying how much a dick this guy was: past, present, public, and private. That sort of setup would have looked unrealistic even in a hackneyed sitcom. It goes to show, sometimes reality is pretty bad at making up stories.

85. Special Agent Reporting
March 23, 2008
It's become a sad state of affairs for prime time television when auto insurance commercials have started to rival them at times in terms of entertainment value (and sometimes become them). I don't know if our sassy secret agent and clueless male romantic interest has translated to increased sales of insurance (I guess some of those freaky Erin Esurance fetishists all over the internet have cars that need insuring) but I have to respect how far the ad creators have taken this simple flash animation. I still however prefer to buy my insurance from talking geckos and hipster Cavemen.

84. Greetings
April 21, 2008
This is another entry you can probably read with a Seinfeldian narration in your head. What can I say I'm not all about "people skills." This is why I need to be rich and famous, you can commit as many social faux pas as you'd like and people would just eat it up. America puts up with someone like Robin Williams and his annoying "eccentricities" but if your banker started pulling that improvisational, voice over crap, you'd punch him in the face and tell them to stop messing around and deposit your paycheck.

83. Supporting the D-War
September 17, 2007
Unfortunately "D-War" never ended up building upon its surprising number four American debut to become an international blockbuster in the states; a surprising disappointment considering the high profile boost it received from being featured on the blog. However, it must have done better overall than the Billy Bob Thorton laugh riot "Mr. Woodcock" which debuted just above it at three. In terms of cinematic history, people will look back at the premiere of "D-War" as the point where Korea proved that it could make a terribly written, CGI-laden, soulless explosion picture as well as any American studio.

82. Everybody Sweats Raymond
January 2, 2008
As it is evident in the post, I was right at the start of my regular exercise kick. It was all part of that unavoidable overwhelming wave of optimism and ambition one gets at the beginning of a new year. The whole every day is the first day philosophy is all well and good but for me it would only work if every day was ushered in by a Dick Clark countdown. I probably would still be running all the time had law school not started up again and forced me to spend most of my waking life sitting in the library, there is definitely no shortage of Raymond episodes.

81. As dry and bland as a saltine
February 18, 2008
Back in mid-February a friend of mine introduced me to an funny little blog devoted to sticking it satirically to the white devil. I found it novel and interesting enough to give it my much coveted "blogcommendation." Little did I know at the time that I was unwittingly taking part in a genuine internet blogging phenomenon, the kind that every blogger personally dreams of as they throw out their modest bottled messages into the vast seas of the internets. While the novelty of and interest in the site and the number of worthwhile "stuff" has long since faded, it still doesn't change the book deal it's creator got from Random House (scheduled to be released July 1st). Meanwhile, "The Collected Victor Sells Out Anthology, Vol. 1" manuscript continues its nomadic wandering in the desert of the publishing industry.

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