Thursday, June 05, 2008

VSO's 100 Blogs...100 Typos: 60 - 51

The pop culture trail of tears known as 100 Blogs...100 Typos continues it's long forced march through the rockin' 50's. To think, by the end of this installment we will have already gone through half of the countdown! I feel like it was only last week (it was actually last week, Friday to be specific) that I saw a quick opportunity to replace a month's worth of usual, original postings with shallow nostalgic filler. And what a ride it has been so far! Although I make no guarantees, I'm just throwing out the possibility that I may throw in an old school entry or two in the near future just to break up the monotony. But, again, don't get your hopes all the way up or anything.

So, using my third, and hopefully final, exclamation point thus far; I say release the blogs!:

60. Judgment Day
February 4, 2008
A compelling testament to the almost historically lackluster quality of the commercials show at this year's Super Bowl is the fact that few people can actually recall any notable ads from that night. While a lot of the blame goes to the creativity of the advertisers; you have to factor in the fact that game itself was so memorably close and exciting, people weren't really focused on those so-so ads. Say what you may about the Patriots, they've always kept things close in interesting in all their Super Bowls. That's in stark contrast with the 3 Super Bowls by the Cowboys in the 90s which were pretty much forgone conclusions by the 3rd quarter at the latest; so the ads didn't have the added competition of a suspenseful game. Also, from here on out, every new show that Fox premieres after the Super Bowl should show its main star beating up that stupid football playing robot.

59. ...And Then There Was X
March 27, 2008
Apparently DMX is still making albums. In fact, according to wikipedia, it's set for release in late 2008. Despite the recent public backlash against dog fighting he'll probably have a picture of a pit bull on it. There'll definitely be some serious grunting and braking on nearly every track. I'm sure it'll inexplicably go to the top of the rap and possibly the album charts. It'll probably end up selling a number of copies that'll seem so outrageously disproportionate to how many fans he should have at this point. And that's just the way I like it.

58. Yeah, this is the Zodiac...
March 5, 2007
Although I wrote that I had every intention of seeing the Zodiac movie when I wrote the entry over a year ago, I am sorry to admit I just never got around to it. I've got some down time here and there during the summer so I should really fire up that Netflix account and start catching up. Despite the mixed reviews, one of the universal positives of the film was apparently director David Fincher's painstakingly meticulous eye towards the details of the movie's late 60's to early 80's time frame. I think that's really commendable. Anyone can do a period piece from the 18th century, there's no one around to call you out on any overlooked faults concerning the details. You pick a fairly recent era like the 60s to now and you have plenty of people who've completely lived through it and are really to point out all your goofs.

57. There's no crying in electoral politics!
January 7, 2008
This is when the blog got all "serious" and "political", like the Alan Alda directed episodes of "MASH"; albeit briefly. Looking back on this gruesome war of attrition that was the Democratic primaries , it's kind of crazy to think back and remember that, yes, there was a time when Hillary Clinton had this in the bag. She had the support, the money, the organization, the experience, and all Obama had was his lack of experience and the liability of having "Hussien" as his middle name. When Hilary came back in New Hampshire after her sob showing, I had her pegged to rattle off the other primaries all the way to the nomination. Boy did she ever royally screw things up.

56. Political science a la Mr. Lee
January 9, 2008
One good politically themed entry obviously deserved another. This was right after Obama lost the New Hampshire primaries despite his optimistic polling numbers, which may have indicated the said "Bradley Effect." While Obama has obviously scored a historic victory, apparently becoming the first black man to be nominated by a major political party, I still wonder how his race will play out in the general election. While I don't think it's all that likely; wouldn't it be just the most awkward and embarrassing thing for the country if Obama went into election night as the clear front runner but then ended up losing to McCain? The country would come off as a bunch of private closet racists.

June 1, 2007
Dear Potential Future Employers,

While researching my background you may have come upon this entry. Let me assure you that the enthusiastic bile I spew for my job in said entry is not indicative to my attitude towards working for your company. Working for your company will most likely be nowhere near the level of monotony and general pointlessness that my previous job had. I'm sure my fellow employees and my upper management will be intelligent, understanding people, who I would look forward to working along side. In addition, you will probably be paying more than the pittance offered above and your hours would not be as all consuming and oppressive. Of course if the job I have currently interviewed for is actually quite similar to my previous job, then it is apparent that somewhere along the line I have totally fucked things up and I bid you goodbye.


54. Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?
November 26, 2007
I may be out of the advertising game but that doesn't me I can't still call out those Madison Avenue mad men. The only thing I find at fault with this entry was my acute overestimation of the ad's ability to popularize Cansei De Ser Sexy's "Music is my Hot Hot Sex." I figured if Apple ads could get inferior singles like Feist's "1234" and Yael Naim's "New Soul" up to the dizzying heights of the Billboard charts then this would be a lock. Interesting note, all three songs are international artists (Canadian, Brazilian, Israeli). Come on, Apple merchants of cool, can't you find one quirky indie track to exploit from the States?

53. Farewell, $1 Double Cheeseburger
January 31, 2008
In this wintry economic climate with high fuel and food costs, America needs the $1 Double Cheeseburger now more than ever. When I look at what search terms are leading people to my site there is usually some search phrase like "McDonald's Double Cheeseburger" or "$1 Double Cheeseburger" or "Dollar Menu Cheeseburger." Fast food vendors of America, this country needs it cheap calories. We need more 89 cent burritos, more $5 foot longs, more 99 cent KFC Snackers. Otherwise we may be forced to eat well balanced, artificial preservative-free, home cooked they do in Russia!

March 20, 2008
You know what, call me crazy, but I totally have to rewrite my original opinion on this being my worst CD. I really challenged myself and decided to give it a few good listens and it just kept getting better all the time. It was slow going at first but it really began to grow on me. I, for the life of me, actually found myself humming miscellaneous non-Wasted and Ready tracks at random times. Eventually I got so into this delightful mix of folksy power pop that I actually went out and go another Ben Kweller album, "On My Way", his follow up, without hearing a single sample track.

Oh wait no, none of that happened. I am still disappointed with my purchase and the album still incites no emotion in me but ambivalence .

51. Ass to Ass!
March 4, 2008
Searches involving the phrase "Ass to Ass" are also one of the most frequent ways wandering travelers of the internet arrive at my little corner of cyberspace. I never realized how much of a following, the "ass to ass" scene had. The interesting part of it is that the different levels of that scene had different followings. Some enjoyed it as an opportunity to see Jennifer Connelly get down with some freaky chick on chick action, others were all about the crazy old man screaming it, some found it to be the heartbreaking, powerful climax of an already intense film, others just liked the phrase "ass to ass", and some (like me) liked it for all the reasons above.

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