Monday, June 30, 2008

Hyperdunks! 2015! That's how you do it!

As we inch ever so closer to the wondrous future of 2015 with its flying cars, handless video games, and convenient cold fusion technology; the signs of progress are slowly becoming apparent. Just recently, Nike has announced that sometime by the end of July, there will be an Air McFly edition (sans power laces) of their latest Hyperdunks line! While it is still quite disappointing that the shoes will not be equipped with their trademark pneumatic power lace tying technology, this is, regardless, a significant step forward. In terms of my previous ultimatum, I have to say we now have about four and a half to go. Now, can self drying clothes and Dustratron paper be far off?

Apparently the shoes from the film were the original inspiration for the Hyperdunks line in the first place. In a way you can say that they were retro-engineered from the future. If you think about it, it makes total sense. How else could a company have come up with an athletic shoe that is so far ahead of its time that it allowed Kobe Bryant to avoid a speeding Aston Martin as gracefully and as effortlessly as a Colorado sexual assault conviction? Obviously for the new round of marketing campaigns for the Air McFly, they will have to get Michael J. Fox to perform the even more impressive feat of jumping over a speeding 1946 Ford Convertible (perhaps we can even get Christoper Lloyd to play the Ronny Turiaf buddy role).

We're gonna see some serious shit!

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