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VSO's 100 Blogs...100 Typos: 40 - 31

The VSO 100 Blogs...100 Typos countdown is now in full downhill mode. Somehow, we've managed to get through sixty Victastic entries as we make our way through the dirty 30s. It's a sad thought for me to bring up right now, but after this entry there will only be a mere three of these countdown entries left to go. It's true what they say, time really does fly when you're leisurely posting recollections of your past work in denominations of ten. I myself at the beginning of all this figured I would get to around to 50 tops before I crapped out, abruptly stopped writing these entries, and made no further reference to their existence. So, at this point every entry since the last is just delicious gravy on my hard earned mashed potatoes.

Now, without further ado, let's roll out the blogs!:

August 20, 2007
Recently I've really started to dig fellow "Bad" single, "Dirty Diana." It is second only to the totally forgettable hit duet with Siedah Garrett "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" (also off "Bad") in terms of MJ number one hits that you just don't hear anywhere anymore. It's a shame really, cause it's definitely worthwhile just based on the fact that its his most consistently "rocking" single ("Beat It" had plenty rock but it was sort of relegated to the Eddie Van Halen solo part). I think the real reason "Dirty Diana" got relegated to the second tier was because of its lackluster music video. In contrast to the ambitious and pioneering videography of the greatest showman of the music video age, the "Dirty Diana" video is just a lazy and unoriginal, stylized concert footage laden, affair that looks like something a second rate hair metal band would have put out.

39. Imagine if you will
January 1, 2008
Wow, the very first entry of the year. Does anyone else feel like 2008 has just blazed through thus far? We're already heading on into mid-June, half the year's already over with! It's definitely one of the fastest feeling years thus far in recent memory. I made a whole bunch of half hearted, generic New Years resolutions (see #82) and included on the list was a good faith effort to try to pump out more updates. Six months in, I've been fairly faithful to that self directed promise. As for the regular exercise, increased commitment to studying, guitar practice, and reading more...well, we still have a whole half year to go!

July 10, 2007
Around this time last year, I was sweating it up on the beaches of Costa Rica (as opposed to sweating it up on the parkways of Queens) and no doubt all you loyal VH1 watchers were being inundated with "World Series of Pop Culture" promos. One of the hardest things for someone like me with a healthy amount of self esteem (i.e. arrogant jerkiness) was holding back my desire to tell everyone about how we won before the episodes aired. Being out of the country and surrounded by tv-unfriendly hippie backpackers from Europe helped, but even when I was back for the airings in July, it was difficult to bite my tongue and feign suspense. While it currently appears that VH1 has eschewed the WSOPC for more celebreality and "I Love the 00's...thus far" I'll always have the fond memories, fun experiences, and the money (most importantly the money).

37. Submitted For Your Approval
December 31, 2007
I guess the first part of my two part series of "Twilight Zone" episodes to look out for during the marathon ranks a little higher based purely on the quality of the episodes mentioned. That five hour block I wrote out had at least 2 of my personal top 10 episodes listed ("The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" and "Five Characters in Search of an Exit"). I've considered buying the 28 DVD Definitive Collection but there's something lacking about just popping in a DVD as opposed to watching it on TV. While the DVD provides remastered video, the ability to skip around, no commercials, and essentially every possible advantage over TV; you still lose the randomness and surprise you get from just catching an episode on the air. Of course it's not to say I wouldn't accept a it as a gift from a generous reader.

36. My Love Can Only Be Expressed Through the Power Ballad
February 13, 2007
Looking at my all time iTunes playlist, somehow "Goodbye to Love" is against all odds still my most played song. Every time I randomly shuffle across it, I just have to hear it all the way from the melancholy intro to the climatic guitar outro. This difficulty in skipping over seems to be endemic to a good number of Carpenter songs that come my way. The amazing voice complemented by compositions of some of the greatest mainstream pop minds of the 70s is just the surface appeal. There is a profound sadness in her loveless pop ballads that, just based on her life story and tragic death, comes across as absolutely genuine; and in turn endlessly listenable and fascinating. Maybe one day Richard Carpenter will ease off and allow that Todd Haynes short film to be shown again.

35. Yes, Always!
April 2, 2008
As the one commenter pointed out, no discussion of a cartoon portrayal of the famous "Frozen Peas" clip by Orson Wells is complete without a reference to "The Critic's" take on the noted incident. Not surprisingly both impersonations of Wells were done by superstar voice actor Maurice LaMarche who seems to have complete monopoly on all Orson Wells voice overs in every form of media. The throwaway reference by "The Critic", a decidedly adult themed prime time cartoon, was too esoteric for its audience as it was. This makes the decision by the makers of Animaniacs to devote an entire episode segment to it, an all the more baffling and amazing act on their part. Man, I miss my old cartoons.

34. My heart healthy meaning of Christmas
December 26, 2007
At this point I'd like to point out that there are only roughly 150 or so shopping days until Christmas so all eager gift giving readers should prepare promptly. You can reference my birthday wish list for any guidance on what to purchase. One does not need be a practicing member of the Christian faith to participate as I am willing to accept your gift as a strictly secular gratuity. I will also accept cashiers checks, Diner's Club cards, gold doubloons, pieces of eight, and bags of money with dollar signs on them. Any interesting offers of physical favors may be accepted but will be open to strict overview and discrimination (obviously not the racial kind) on my part.

33. Five Random 4th of July TV Marathons That Have Very Little to Do With The 4th of July
July 4, 2007
Here are five bold predictions for this year's crop of unrelated cable marathon fare:
  1. AMC will run a 24 hour marathon cycle of the Godfather Trilogy. In recent years this has apparently become their traditional scheduling for 4th of Julys, Christmases, Martin Luthor King Jr. Days, and even numbered days of the year.
  2. Spike TV will run a marathon of James Bond movies, which will confusingly contrast with the pro American theme of the holiday.
  3. A massive scheduling blunder on the part of TBS will lead to the beginning of a sudden 24 hour marathon of "A Christmas Story". They will quickly fix the damage and run the less popular 24 hours of "A Summer Story."
  4. FX will run through a cycle of their more patriotic themed movies. Most of them will involve either the President's life being threatened (Air Force One) the American landmarks being destroyed (Independence Day) or both (Sum of All Fears).
  5. USA Network will run a day long marathon of "Law and Order: SVU," millions of people will be unable to work. I will be disappointed at the fact that the channel once again lost a golden opportunity to run a "Silk Stalkings" marathon.
32. The Junoverse and You
February 17, 2008
I've seen Juno a few more times here and there since I wrote that review and with each viewing I grow to hate the titular character more and more. The movie itself overall is fine and all the supporting characters are great (I especially find Olivia Thrilby's performance as Juno's best friend Leah to be quite underrated) but I just can't stand Juno's perpetual sass. Granted, I'm a bit of (ok a lot of) a misogynist and I'm not really a fan of strong female characters in film, but aside from her irritating independent streak, the way she talks and acts just screams ingenuousness. Not really sure what all the buzz and accolades were about, the character seems just down right cartoonish. You can give the character merits on originality but please spare me the praise for how outstandingly realistic or relatable the character was. Honest to blog.

31. Everybody in the Pool: Oscar Edition
February 23, 2008
The 80th Annual Academy Awards was definitely the most I ever got into a particular Oscar season. It was just an unusually original and unpredictable slate of movies films that in almost any other year would have either been ignored or had no chance of winning any major awards. The fates aligned to a bunch of those quirky movies go up against each other instead of some typical, conservative Oscar favorite. Atonement was as close as this year's Oscars got to a "safe" choice but in the end it was just not good enough. A brilliantly strange movie like "No Country For Old Men" could only win best picture when in a pool that contained even crazier fare like "There Will Be Blood" (the only movie I know that has its own title font).

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