Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Glittering Prizes

Many of you have undoubtedly found yourselves at one time or another asking the following questions to yourself: "You know, how can I, the common blog reader, possibly repay Victor for providing so many countless informative and insightful blog entries to read, free of charge? Some sort of gift would be nice but how could I approach the idea without coming off like some kind of stalker? If only I knew when his birthday was and if he set up some sort of web based apparatus for me to conveniently buy him things!"

Well loyal readers, your personal prayers have been answered. Today is indeed my birthday and this year fans and friends alike will have an option outside of just the standard, hollow birthday wishes in celebration. For the truly generous, you can now send me actual goods of real value, worth more than an eternity of empty birthday emails, with just a mere few clicks of the mouse! To accommodate budgets of all sizes I've randomly chosen an assortment of items from the nominal to the extravagant (for all you eccentric millionaire readers out there).

My Wish List

And remember this standing opportunity for gifting does not need to with the end of my birthday; it is open indefinitely to give everyone a chance to contribute. So if you're indecisive about what to do about those government stimulus checks...

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  1. My husband and I did not register for the Ronco Rotisserie for our wedding but received it from a bunch of well-meaning aunts and uncles anyhow. It takes up a crapload of space in our kitchen but oh my GOD it's badass. Best gift ever.