Friday, May 16, 2008

Go head' on and break 'em off wit a lil' preview of the remix....

For me it has become a well established law of the internets that no viral video hit has truly and officially come full circle until it has been "remixed", in the sense of it being reimagined, parodied, or literally remixed in the musical sense, and then reposted by someone else. It all probably goes along with the whole complicated dynamics of the meme, a concept I can barely pronounce let alone properly comprehend. It's one of those phrases like "irony" or "post modernism" that most people get the gist of but when pressed to formally define it, they get into some difficulty. It's like Justice Potter Stewart famously said about defining obscenity: "I know it when I see it."

In any case, a famous video or youtube clip that comes along and captures the fleeting attention of millions in cyberspace has only reached the initial tier in its journey to buzz worthy immortality. The all important next step that separates the flavors of the week from the stuff that'll eventually make the "I Love the 00's" is for the public to embrace it and creatively "remix" it and mutate it into the pop cultural superfreak it can truly be. Take something like "Crank That (Souja Boy)", amusing enough on its own but where would it be been without the countless "remixed" parodies of it?

So when a recently found clip of, Fox News blow hard and luffa enthusiast, Bill O'Reilly losing his temper on the set of Inside Edition years ago started making the rounds of the internet it was merely in stage one of its mystical journey into infinity. But now the clip has officially gone full circle with a definitive dance remixed version:

I have to admit I found the obscenity laden electronic beats strangely hypnotic. On the whole I've probably enjoyed it more than the original clip which I didn't find all that surprising in contrast to a heated episode of the "Factor." He's an angry jerk on screen and shockingly enough he's an angry jerk off screen.

Now if they found clip of Bill O'Reilly playing with a kitten or apologizing for a previous misstatement of fact, well then I'd have to drop an OMG.

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