Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Never Say Ziggy Again

I know I had previously promised no more posts about Ziggy, but sometimes it's better to try to seek catharsis by sharing your inner pain and turmoil. It's in that spirit that I present this, the latest defeat in the ongoing series of failures that is the life of Ziggy:

I mean at this point, are they even trying anymore?

Some predictions for future Ziggy panels:
  • Ziggy looks in a pot on the stove and it says "Do you want to save changes?"
  • Ziggy smells a daffodil and it says "Sleep Mode!"
  • Ziggy opens a mail box and it says "Limited Connectivity!"
  • Ziggy gets a fortune cookie and it reads "Reboot!"
  • Ziggy throws coins in a fountain and it says "Enter Password!"
  • Ziggy opens a trash can it says "Defragmentation!"
  • Ziggy bites a hot dog and it says "404 Error!"
  • Ziggy opens a books and it says "Not a valid WIN32 Application!"
Taken in context with the previous techno-savvy comic panel, I suspect Ziggy's years of crippling depression has caused him to lose his mind or it's possibly terminal brain cancer. In either case I'm sure there'll be some additional classic incidents at the doctor's office.

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  1. I'm holding my breath for a Ziggy-Mr. Boffo crossover.