Friday, May 30, 2008

VSO's 100 Blogs...100 Typos: 100 - 91

I was just about to start writing my latest post when I realized something quite notable. Looking at the blog archive side bar, I realized that my previous post was my 100th since I restarted this blog in February of 2007 (technically I guess it may be 108th for those purists out there who count the handful of homemade advertising spec ads I originally put up and never bothered to take down). When I inexplicably decided to change the format of this site from "failed online advertising resume" to "sporadically updated random vanity blog" all those months ago I never expected for a second that this little project would actually keep my attention for more then a week; two weeks tops!

When I verified that I had come across this significant milestone, I figured I needed to do a little something extra to commemorate it (because that's what people do when they reach a 100 of anything). After slapping together the above hastily Photoshopped, commemorative graphic (now accepting orders for official printed t-shirts and caps), I decided that a good old fashion retrospective was in order. So in accordance with the two universal goals of all internet blogs: to continue to feed the internet reading public's insatiable hunger for ranked lists and to provide as much daily filler copy as possible; I figured a series of entries authoritatively ranking the last 100 entries would pay fitting tribute. I soon poured through the archives and after about an hour I had unscientifically, totally subjectively, and possibly inaccurately created a master list of how all my little ramblings and musings over the months have stacked up against each other; which I will now dispense in a series of ten delicious bite sized posts.

Our wonderful journey through the wild and meandering path of a 100 posts of cherished memories begins:

100. Post Recycled Post
February 3, 2007
I do want to say off the bat that just because a post has a low ranking doesn't mean I particularly dislike said post or it's of low quality (because we all know this blog maintains the highest standards of quality). When you rank all the entries, you have to put some at the end by necessity. It's sort of like picking your least favorite Huey Lewis and the News song, in the end they're all still pretty awesome. The bulk of these low end posts are usually here due to their brevity or lack of relatively unmemorable subject matter. A perfect case in point is the post above, which was actually my first note; it just said that I was just essentially cleansing the palette and to ignore all the weird homemade ads.

99. In Other News...
July 17, 2007
This is definitely one of the shortest entry I ever wrote, in fact, this little blurb and the picture above will probably end up being longer than the original post. The entry is about as straight forward as it gets: OMG my ceiling roof collapsed WTF? In retrospect this entry sticks out like a sore thumb among all the "World Series of Pop Culture" entries I was writing at the time; which was during the height of Twisted Mister Mania.

98. Abject Drunkenness Come on Down!!
February 19, 2007
I am totally disappointed that I never got a hold of one of these babies before all the stores realized how inappropriate and negligent it probably was to be selling this to teens and college students. They can even take the drinking part out, I just want to be able to play mini home games of Plinko! Every time I find myself in a Kohl's I check out the housewares section just to see if it ever came back.

97. Picture This!
November 12, 2007
The first of my series of "Picture This!" posts pointing out interesting photos found on the internetz. They're definitely the shortest posts in terms of words but if you figure in that a picture is worth a 1000 words then a lot of these turn out to be the some of the longest entries. It's so interesting to think that when I posted this entry, Eli Manning was just a goofy looking, underachieving loser. Now he's a goofy looking, underachieving loser...with a Super Bowl ring.

96. Do You Know the way to San Jose?
June 12, 2007
This was the post that announced my upcoming blog hiatus and my backpacking excursion to Costa Rica to find myself (and Jurassic Park Island). In the end I had a pretty wild time but I never really found myself nor the islands of Jurassic Park, which local officials kept telling me was a fictional location...possibly as a cover up.

95. This is just like that time I...
April 27, 2008
That's right, I do write low tier entries even as recently as in the past month. Every once in a while Family Guy will really hit me with an esoteric flashback reference that almost justifies its continued existence on television (almost). I mean where else on network television was I going to be reminded of second tier Black Box videos?

94. Glittering Prizes
May 7, 2008
Alas, the fact that no generous soul has yet to buy me the personal land cruiser/tank (only a mere $20,000 with free shipping) on my posted Amazon Birthday Wishlist is what kept this entry from rocketing straight to the top of the rankings. There are still many worthwhile gifts to purchase for me.

My Wish List

93. We're not in Kansas anymore
March 11, 2008
I like to think that this blog is the premier source for people to get up to the minute, throughly researched, objectively presented news stories involving things that interest me. These are the Victor-centric stories that the corporate owned mainstream media just doesn't seem to bring to the forefront.

92. I Guarantee...that I can't be stopped!!
March 26, 2008
Another amazing piece of breaking news that fell between the cracks while the major news outlets concentrated on fluff pieces concerning things like "the war" or "the election" or "the economy." The man could not be stopped by a bullet! If this isn't newsworthy I don't know what is! This is exactly the kind of compromised journalism that the last season of "The Wire" addressed.

91. Never Say Ziggy Again
May 21, 2008
Hopefully this will be the last of my Ziggy triggered, "has this comic made me go insane", rant entries. While I try to be optimistic and hold out for hope, something tells me this won't be the last time the writers of Ziggy decide to insert random computer jargon in nonsensical locations for Ziggy to discover. However, we can still hold out for hope.

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