Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We're not in Kansas anymore

Looks like Mary Ann had a taste for the chronic. Makes you wonder what was in those coconut cream pies that made everyone so hungry? Honestly though, Dawn Wells was the last member of that island I would have ever suspected of being arrested for something like this. I remember when Gilligan (Bob Denver) got busted for possession a while back and everybody laughed when he said he got it from Dawn (and then the Skipper hit him with his hat). Well, it looks like we had you pegged wrong, little buddy.

Despite it all I'll still pick you over Ginger (and I guess Mrs. Howell although she is at best a dark horse candidate) for my favorite girl on the island. Hey, I got nothing wrong with chicks who smoke, they're usually pretty interesting...and more often easy. I'll even dedicate a little musical shout out for the occasion: Marshall Crenshaw's jangly, power pop gem "Mary Anne" (of which the lyrics are uncannily apt)!

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