Sunday, June 28, 2015

Victor's Ultimate Mega Mix '15

Happy New Year everybody!

Seriously, I can't believe this is first post of the year on this once bustling blog. You know things are bad here when my ancient livejournal until now had more posts on the year (1 to 0). In my defense I've actually been crazy busy this year with getting a proper adult job and all, but I have to admit there's some laziness involved. There's always some laziness involved.

In any case, the old VSO is back, at least to belatedly celebrate my birthday.

Yes, it is indeed that time again when I shine the spotlight on the standout tracks that I've culled from my yearly birthday mixes. On the whole 31 was a slightly underwhelming haul, quantity-wise, not quality wise. The final tally was three official mixes plus a bonus theme mix. Hey we're all getting older and getting busier right? Plus, I am and most of my friend are now coming into our early 30s, which apparently is the time when we stop listening to new music and become our parents.

Given that depressing bit of news, I think it's more critical than ever that we continue to maintain healthy mix making habits well into our music taste calcifying thirties and beyond. It doesn't even have to be new music in the sense of contemporary music, any kind of exposure to music you haven't heard before is probably good for the soul.  It is only through the regular practice of pondering, seeking, and exploring new music to compile and gift to a friend do we keep that passion for novel music alive. We keep the fire burning as we burn our mixes.

Additionally, what's good for the mixer is just as good for the mixee. The time around my birthday is when I get exposed to most of the new music for the year. Seeing as how busy this year's been going it may well be the only time.

So thank you to all my friends who give me mixes and let me craft mixes with them. You keep me young (although not in any kind of physical sort of way, I'm still falling apart day by day).

Mixes away!

Oh and before you think I'm getting soft. The "misses" will be following shortly.