Sunday, April 27, 2008

This is just like that time I...

Say what you may about the hollow shell that is modern day "Family Guy" (and according to the entire wikipedia page devoted to "Criticism of Family Guy" there is apparently much to say), it is still the undisputed king of esoteric references. Yeah the show may be lacking in things like originality, plot, story, or even basic comedy writing; but I can't think of another show on network television that'll refer back to such obscure depths of pop culture. Considering how minute long clips from the show make up roughly 40% of YouTube, it's about the only thing going for the show.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I caught this on a random episode a few days back from one of the THREE different channels that it currently runs on:

Apparently Seth McFarlane and his team of manatees are also nostalgic for the wild solid color video days of late 80s-early 90s music videos. I was surprised that I had overlooked the other Black Box hit "Everybody Everybody," which, aside from being just as good as "Strike It Up," is classic white room:

This only goes to verify that irrefutable time tested formula for pop greatness:

Dance Beat + Solid Color Video + Martha Wash = MEGA HIT (give or take a law suit)

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  1. if i was a writer for family guy, all my jokes would come from 17 years of Entertainment Weekly back issues. for references before its publication, Newsweek arts section...