Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Do you know the way to San Jose?

Despite the fact that it wouldn't have been out of the norm and that no one would have noticed, I'll most likely be pretty sparse on the entries for the next three or so weeks. Why you ask? Well, for the first time since my one family trip back to Korea in the summer of '93, I'll be on a real life vacation...and out of the country no less!! That's right, I'll be doing whatever people do on vacation in beautiful Costa Rica.

I really have no clear reason for this sudden case of wonderlust. I can't even call it that since, at least in my national travel experience I really don't care for travel. I also can't bring myself focus long enough to plan a trip out. I think I just want to be in a different piece of scenery. As for the destination all I know are that the islands of Jurassic Park (Isla Numbla and Isla Sorna) are supposedly off its coast, it's where they sent Randy in Home Improvement when they had to write him off the show (I think I he was saving the rain forests or something), and according to my high school Spanish I think it means rich coast (gotta love those cognates).

I've planned just enough to not just hang out at the airport for the three or so weeks I've scheduled for myself, I'll actually take a shuttle to some hostel in the capital for a few days but after that I'm hoping I run into somebody, preferably not working for sadistic European millionaires luring unsuspecting American travelers, who has a better plan mapped than me. So yeah this has all the makings of an unmitigated disaster, but who knows we're all surrounded by chaos.

I seriously doubt I'll do much updating since I have a hard enough time writing entries when I have FREE internet and FREE time at home. That, and the internet travel blog is one of my most despised types of written document. It's the same old shots of funny faces and bandannas in front of old buildings or boring shots of sunsets on beaches. I'll bring my camera just in case, but I'll only post something if I take a picture of something that posses a quality that I can only describe as uniquely Victor.

Fortunatly I'll be back by July 1st, just in time for the World Series of Pop Culture on VH1 premiering July 9th 9pm eastern (8 central). This time it's war!

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