Tuesday, June 03, 2008

VSO's 100 Blogs...100 Typos: 70 - 61

The VSO 100 Blogs...100 Typos countdown just keeps on coming (that's what she said.). We've gone through 30 amazing entries and now make our way through the wild, wild 60s. I've recently crunched some numbers and if I do end up completing this ten part series (and that's a big "if" considering how ambitious this project is in relation to how lazy and easily distracted I am), these entries about entries will make up a little over 9% of total entries overall. On the surface that may seem pretty high, but in terms of our post modern world that still indicates far too much originality.

But enough fuzzy math and pseudo-contemplative jibber jabber! The time has come for blogs!:

70. Where Were You In '99?
January 17, 2008
Every time I start to get nostalgic about my high school years, I forcibly remind myself that there's a 99% chance that things weren't as great as I recall. I've seen enough sad Twilight Zone episodes to know that the view of the past is unavoidably warped by the distance of time and the shading of memory. 1999, my freshman year of high school, was factually one of my worst years of school as a whole, but looking back after nearly a decade, it's getting harder and harder to remember why it was the worst. For as lousy 1999 was for me personally, as the entry shows, it was in retrospect one of the greatest years for me pop culturally. If you're not careful you may only remember only the positives of the movies, tv, and music you were watching and listening to at the time and replace your actual experiences. I think therein lies the key towards keeping a reliable view of the past; you have try to separate the quality of your personal experiences from the quality of your pop culture experiences.

69. Bullied
February 26, 2008
Poor Brad Renfro, in about thirty years hardly anyone will have remembered he was alive, let alone his idiosyncratic filmography. I mean, the guy even got snubbed on the montage of death at the Oscars following his passing. With Heath Ledger's passing soon after his, he didn't even get the benefit of being the only "young, blond, movie star to have died of an overdose" that very week! I, like my buddy Andrew U., will remember more the troubled, older, mimbo, Renfro of "Bully" and "Ghost World" over his arguably more successful child actor roles.

68. It's Herbie Hancock. Duh!
February 11, 2008
I still sometimes think it was a dream, a dream that's based enough on plausibility and reality that you sometimes confuse it with memories of real things that happened. However, when I go back and check the records; yes Herbie Hancock's "River: The Joni Letters" did win the Album of the Year Grammy in 2008. River's duet laden, perfectly conservative, and pandering piece of Grammy friendly coffee house tunes was the cynical choice to win when everyone first heard the nominees; but even then it was so cynical that it couldn't possibly win. However, when the final award was given out, lo and behold, the Grammy voters affirmed our deepest of skepticisms. So in the end, it all only went to prove that one can never be too dismissive or cynical...and Grammy voters are completely out of touch with modern music.

67. The Hottest V.O.T.S.M.L.M.A.P. Updates Yet!
April 28, 2007
This is the third of my three part (originally 5 part) series of law school acceptance letter updates; which were to determine the scoring for my ambitious Victor's One Time Special March Legal Madness Acceptance Pool. The V.OT.S.M.L.M.A.P., as it became popularly known as in the media, was my first ambitious multi-entry project. It was so ambitious I sort of gave up on it towards the end, thus leaving anyone who didn't know me personally in the dark about where I got in. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't noticed thus far it was St. John's School of Law.

66. Even Hotter V.O.T.S.M.L.M.A.P. Updates!
April 8, 2007
The second of my law school letter updates. Why is it technically ranked higher than the third one? Not really sure. To its credit it is the first update that actually has me being accepted to a school (Seton Hall) and waitlisted for another school which I would eventually be accepted as well (University of Maryland), although you never found out about that last part. Looking back I probably should have gone to Seton Hall, would have been cheaper, closer; and, since New Jersey only has three law schools, I could have said that I was going to the top law school in my state. Also, how weird is that Yale Law symbol? It looks like a cross between an ancient secret society banner and a third grader's lunch time doodle.

65. Hot V.O.T.S.M.L.A.P. Updates!
March 27, 2007
This makes even less sense to be ranked above the other two, considering how all five ended up becoming total rejections. What more can I say but, ya missed out NYU. Our original undergraduate production was a smash and we could have had an even better blockbuster sequel together!

64. An Open Letter to C.C. Sabathia
April 17, 2008
Obvious the ace of my Fantasy Team #1 must have gotten my message and it ignited within him that burning inferno of competitive spirit that earned him the Cy Young last year. The numbers don't lie. In his first start following my letter he picked up his first win of the season, not giving up a run and striking out a season high 11 in 6 innings. While his record since then has been an unspectacular 3-2, he has provided consistent quality starts that were many times wasted due to the overall ineptitude of the Cleveland Indians position players (for which I don't have the time nor interest to write multiple letters to).

63. Over-Cooked
January 4, 2008
This entry is little more than a jab at the "comic" and a link to a story about his marathon stand up set, so it probably should be ranked a lot lower. However, I just hate the guy so much that I can't help but feel better reading anything that insults the man. It's less the guy than the amount of fame and success he has accumulated. Sure he's a jerk and I don't find his bits all that hilarious, but instead of just having a harmless, modest jerk following he has has such a level of ridiculous success (comedy albums, HBO specials, movies roles, etc.) that it just crosses the line into disgust and hatred.

62. Hail to the Chiefs
February 18, 2008
Ah, President's Day, one of my all time favorite holidays; a day obviously made up by the government on the flimsiest of excuses to have a day off in February. I mean, are we really suppose to uniformly honor and remember all the presidents? Even the ones that did nothing or were unpopular, or brought shame to the country? When you make up a holiday you're suppose to pick something that isn't polarizing and that most people can agree was good (Martin Luther King, trees, veterans, American independence, secular gift giving). While I question the rationale, I cannot question the results. Now if only Congress can make up some random holiday to guarantee at least a day off in barren, 31 day long, March (Legislative Branch Day?).

61. Walken for a good time
April 5, 2008
So the Walken episode ended up being decent, albeit unspectacular; which when considering the quality of the state of contemporary SNL, means it was a runaway success and the best episode of the season. The appeal of any Walken hosted episode, or basically any piece of media with Christopher Walken in it is that regardless of whatever role he plays, it's just him playing Christopher Walken playing the character. You can make him play President Lincoln or a woman or make him dance or sing, the unique entity that is Walken will just overwhelms the part, regardless. And that's why we love that creepy old weirdo.


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