Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hot V.O.T.S.M.L.M.A.P Updates!

Well it's been a little over two weeks since the V.O.T.S.M.L.N.A.P. was announced and the brackets came trickling in: overly pessimistic predictions (thanks, dad), overly optimistic predictions (thanks, mom), and a milieu of middling ones. At the same time the brackets were coming in so were the letters. Here's a wrap up of the first five to arrive:

Columbia University School of Law +5

Number of supposed applicants: "over 7,000 candidates will seek admission to our entering class, numbering approximetly 370 students."

Rejection Phrase: "we regret to inform you that we are unable to take favorable action."

Well Wish: "We wish you much success and satisfaction at your law school of choice and beyond, throughout your career."

A local long shot, Columbia does get the award for the quickest turn around. Like I've told every woman I've been with: If you're going to dump me, at least be prompt about it.

Northwestern University School of Law +5

Number of Supposed Applicants: "We typically receive more than 5,000 applications for an incoming class of 240."

Rejection Phrase: "...regret that we are unable to offer you admission ..."

Well Wish: "...my sincere wishes for success in your future endeavors."

The tightwads at Northwestern couldn't even spare some paper and a stamp to mail their rejection letter. My rejection was a needlessly complicated process of them emailing me a pin number that I put into their website which directed me to a pdf of what my letter would have looked like. I printed it out just so I could crumple it up.

Georgetown University Law Center +4

Number of Supposed Applicants: "we received almost 12,000 applications for the 575 places available..."

Rejection Phrase: "unable to approve of your application for admission..."

Well Wish: "we wish you success in attaining your academic goals."

To note, of all the applications I've filled out, Georgetown was probably the most straightforward and easiest. I think you might have even been allowed to send it in without a letter of recommendation. Perhaps that's why their supposed application number is so high. That or they're suffering from some major application envy and are overcompensating

New York University School of Law +5

Number of Supposed Applicants: "We expect more than 7,600 candidates to compete for admission this year,"

Rejection Phrase: "...we are unable to offer you admission..."

Well Wish: "Please accept our best wishes for your educational and professional success."

Et tu NYU? Well, my personal statement argument of "hey you let me in the first time, why not give it another go" wasn't enough to sway the admissions people. It was just a big a long shot as Columbia but I figured they owed me a solid for being so prompt with my payments for four years.

American University Washington College of Law +3


But that word doesn't mean rejection? A surprising palette cleanser to the denial parade, the first signs of proof that I am capable of at least semi-rejection. Pretty soon I might even dream of getting, dare I say, an acceptance letter. You feeling crazy, Harvard?

Well that's the story of the pool for now. Some expected early rejections, no huge upsets. It's 4 and a 1/2 down with 15 to go. Remember, entries are still possible with a current -4 handicap if you're feeling lucky. See you all at the final verdict. Victor Out!

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