Sunday, April 08, 2007

Even Hotter V.O.T.S.M.L.M.A.P. Updates!

Well another batch of letters and another long awaited update of the V.O.T.S.M.L.N.A.P. is upon us. With this new batch of five I'm officially halfway through the long journey towards securing another three years of not working. So without any Dancing With the Stars-esque fanfare and filler let's get on with the countdown:

Yale Law School +5

Number of supposed applicants: "This year the Law School received over 3,300 applications for an entering class of 185."

Rejection Phrase: "We regret that we are unable to offer you admission for the fall of 2007."

Well Wish: "...and extend to you our best wishes for the future."

Number one law school in the country, well it's a relief to know that potential bracket buster's off the table, eh? High marks for their stationary, a fine grade paper befitting their lofty ranking.

Cornell Law School +4

Number of Supposed Applicants: "We received a very large number of strong applications for the 190 seats in out first-year class."

Rejection Phrase: "I am sorry to inform you that we will be unable to offer you a place in the class entering this fall"

Well Wish: "I wish you the very best in pursuing what I am sure will be a successful and challenging legal career."

"A very large number of strong applications", eh? What's with the fuzzy math, Cornell? I expect some hard numbers from any Ivy League institution, you could of at least made something up: five thousand, ten thousand, eleventy-jillion?

University of Maryland School of Law +3


That's right, another interested but on the whole not totally commited party! My second DC Area waitlist thus far, perhaps they're impressed by my tales of the big city up north. To boot, according to the letter, it's not just a regular waitlist but a "preferred waitlist" which they claim that "most commonly, all applicants on that list are offered a seat". So who knows, I'm just a few declined acceptances away from upgrading this to an accepted.

Temple University Beasley School of Law +2


The waitlists continue to roll on in. It's a bit of a surprise, Temple was in the lowest point tier of the pool, usually where are all the safe choices lie, so I think more than a few people might be losing some points after this (thus demonstrating the exciting unpredictability of the V.O.T.S.M.L.N.A.P.) . Since I only applied because they gave me a free application I'm not overly concerned with this one, in fact I might not even send the waitlist letter in depending on other letters. This'll have a more definitive status in the next update.

Seton Hall University School of Law +2


That's right, the first accepted of the V.O.T.S.M.L.N.A.P. A total safety school, no real doubts here, but hey beggers can't be choosers. It's a fine school overall and thus far the only school that accepted me for sure, so who knows, if all else fails it's the PATH to Newark, baby. Go Pirates!

Well the riveting human drama that is the V.O.T.S.M.L.N.A.P. continues to be written. It's ten down and ten to go so if anyone still wants in on some of this action there's still an unpredictable half to go; the handicap is now figured at -7 not an impossible hole. I've nearly completed my mission of being rejected by every exclusive top tier school so onward to the second tier. See you all out the final verdict. Victor Out!

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