Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Hottest V.O.T.S.M.L.M.A.P Updates Yet!

We're on our way to reaching critical mass as we reach the the three quarters point with our next five letters. Now that all those far-fetched reach schools are out of the day we can get into that oh so juicy middle to safety school range of the curve, where V.O.T.S.M.L.M.A.P's are won and lost. Let's see if your lack of faith in me has paid off:

Harvard Law School +5

Number of supposed applicants: "...approximately 7,000 candidates are applying to an entering class that is limited to 550 students."

Rejection Phrase: "I am sorry to report that, after full consideration, the Admissions Committee has denied your application for admission..."

Well Wish: "...and best wishes for your education and career plans."

The last of the elites to fall; no shocker here. Those snobs up in Cambridge sure took their time, at least all the other top tier law schools were prompt. I thought maybe they'd do something crazy to show off to the other Ivies to say "hey, we're Harvard we don't need to accept nothing but qualified students.

George Washington University Law School +4

Number of Supposed Applicants: "Each year we receive thousands of applications for the limited number of seats in our program."

Rejection Phrase: "Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you admission to our fall 2007 entering class."

Well Wish: "We appreciate your patience throughout our admissions process and thank you for your interest in our law school."

I appreciate that they appreciate my patience too. I didn't really have any great desire to go here, a strictly rankings based application. I also find schools named after presidents, no matter how reputable the institution, sound like high schools.

Fordham School of Law +4

Number of Supposed Applicants: "This year the Admissions Committee finds itself faced with the hard fact that it has many more qualified applicants than it has places in the class."

Rejection Phrase: "...and has concluded with regret that it cannot offer you admission to the School of Law."

Well Wish: "On behalf of Fordham Law School I wish you the very best in all your future endeavors."

I've got to admit, this one hurt a little. Fordham was one of the handful of schools I actually wanted to get into and had a chance of getting in. It's going to be even harder for applicants next year since by the time I got my rejection letter they went up 7 spots in the new US News rankings into the top 25. Do I sense a correlation?

Boston College Law School +4

Number of supposed applicants: "Also, we are constrained by the limited number of seats in the first year class for which we expect to receive nearly 7,000 applications."

Rejection Phrase: "I am sorry to inform you that the Committee on Admissions has denied your application for admission..."

Well Wish: "I wish you the best in your pursuit of a legal education and regret our decision could not have been a favorable one for you."

BC was purely a ranking choice and all things considered might have been the college I cared the least about getting into. My feelings about the letter almost bordered on relief, almost. I really didn't want to go to any school in Boston, unless Harvard had an extreme lapse in judgment.

University of Connecticut School of Law +3

Number of Supposed Applicants: "The admissions Committee faced the daunting task of selecting the incoming class from a large and competitive applicant pool."

Rejection Phrase: "I regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission to the class entering in the fall of 2007."

Well Wish: "...and than you for permitting us to consider your application."

No well wish, what's that about? You'll never move out of the low fringes of the top 50 with that attitude, U. Conn. It's kind of a surprising rejection since I felt pretty confident about getting in, mainly because they sent me a free application (which was the only reason I applied there in the first place). Nothing gained, nothing lost (except my confidence in getting into better schools).

Well it's been a surprising and varied list of rejection letters this time around. What have I learned thus far? I've learned that getting into law schools pretty tough and my unique brand of charisma and sexuality doesn't translate well into the personal statement format. While I don't want to break up a good streak, perhaps another acceptance letter or two might show up one of these days? Anything is possible as we make our way into the exciting bottom of the curve (and a few wait lists here and there)! See you all at the final verdict. Victor Out!

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