Friday, March 09, 2007

Victor's One Time Special March Legal Madness Acceptance Pool!!

So as part of the long process of being railroaded into law school by my parents, I've just recently finished the application process. Now when I manged to sneak into NYU for undergrad I went early decision and never applied anywhere else, so I felt a little bit of regret over not experiencing the usual process of applying to schools. Now for the first time ever I've sent out multiple applications to many of the finest law schools in the nation and finally I can experience the hurt of rejection and the (possible) triumph of acceptance and you can too!

Being the generous man I am I want to share this special time with you...the people of the internet and in the spirit of that other college based tournament event that will be starting soon, I've decided to announce my first (and mostly likely only) Victor One Time Special March Legal Madness Acceptance Pool!

Now you too can play along with the V.O.T.S.M.L.M.A.P. at home and the rules are as simple as that acronym is cumbersome:

1. Using a brute force approach to the application process I've applied to 20 different institutions of higher legal learning ranging from impossible long shots to cozy safety schools. I've given these schools a point number based on relative difficulty of acceptance (very scientific). The schools are:
  1. Yale +5
  2. Harvard +5
  3. Columbia +5
  4. NYU +5
  5. Northwestern +5
  6. Cornell +4
  7. Georgetown +4
  8. George Washington University +4
  9. Boston College +4
  10. Fordham +4
  11. University of Maryland +3
  12. American University +3
  13. University of Connecticut +3
  14. Cardozo - Yeshiva University +3
  15. Brooklyn Law +3
  16. Temple +2
  17. Rutgers Camden +2
  18. Seton Hall +2
  19. Rutgers Newark +2
  20. St. John's +2
2. From this list you pick the particular law schools that would be fooled into accepting me. Pick as many or as little as you like, I won't be offended and send them to me at Once I receive your email it cannot be changed.

3. For every school you picked that accepted me, you will gain said number of points. However, if I get rejected by a school you picked you will lose said number of points. Harder schools have higher rewards but higher risk while safer schools have lower risk but lower rewards.

4. I will regularly give updates as to what schools have accepted or rejected me as the letters begin to come in and privately update all projections.

5. The contest will end when I receive all 20 acceptance/rejection letters and the totals for all participants will be tallied. Looking at how late I sent a lot of these in, I'm looking at late April for full closure. The winner will receive a special prize that's to be determined and will be worth $20...or less. I myself will also have a personal bracket and will give special acknowledgments to everyone who scored better than me.

6. You can enter anytime, however once I start receiving letters from schools anyone entering the pool will have to start with a -1 point handicap for every letter that's already been revealed.

To give everyone a heads up, here are a few facts about me to help with the pool selection process:
  • My LSAT score was a 160 out of 180, about the 90th percentile, a decent score but by no means very sexy to the big name schools (I never did get the hand of the the logic games section...that and I didn't study).
  • My NYU final GPA topped out at around 3.6, pretty good, but then again my major was Communications.
  • I have a couple of club executive board member positions under my belt and some America Reads volunteer credits, always attractive.
  • My personal statement is loaded with what can only be described as the old "Victor charm" and is laden with "I'm the son of poor immigrants who accomplished the American Dream" pathos.
Well that's about it. Think hard, weight your choices, and send them on in. I hope there'll be a large turnout and I wish everyone, including myself the best of luck. See you at the verdict.

Note: My use of its promotional images in no way condones or endorses the alleged "comedy" film Accepted.

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