Tuesday, February 19, 2008

As dry and bland as a saltine

Now, normally I wouldn't divert what meager traffic I have by providing an entry and a link touting another internet blog, but every once in a while I make an exception. During one of my usual journeys through the blogosphere I ran across the aptly titled "Stuff White People Like." The concept is as straight forward as the name; a daily listing of "stuff white people like" ranging from Apple products to irony.

Now I am an Asian male who has lived a majority of his life among white people. I've read their fiction novels, been to their birthday parties, eaten at their chain restaurants, watched their hockey, loved their women, and went to their institutional learning facilities. And I can say through my somewhat detached cultural vantage point that while the blog's observations are (most likely) tongue and cheek, there's still a disturbing center of truthfulness to a lot of these observations. Now while the blog's definition of white people is somewhat narrow to the point of middle to upper class, mostly educated, somewhat waspy, folks; having lived in the suburbs of Jersey and attended school and worked in New York City, these are essentially the kind of white people that inhabit my life.

Interestingly enough white person favorite #57 "Juno" echoed my recent views on the film and its seemingly whitewashed fantasy world.

Some of the more notable things were:

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  1. while i find this blog hilarious-it seems that the writer not only indulges in many of these pastimes, he chooses things that are beloved by all, only choosing to explore how upper-middle class people enjoy them. whats next? "white people just love to breathe-i mean, we all breathe, but white people breathe DEEP."

    i do have a serious distaste for many NYC professionals who walk around with their $5 coffees and $6 muffins, smirking like their shit don't stink. i also feel somewhat responsible for this, as it was the gays that first brought their straight white friends to starbucks and that expensive sandwich shop down the street.

    kill whitey.