Monday, November 03, 2008

I Voted for Kodos!

By the end of tomorrow our long national nightmare that is the 2008 presidential campaign will finally be over. Residents of battleground states like Ohio and Florida will finally be free of round the clock robocalls and mailboxes stuffed with glossy campaign adverts. Mario will regain his title as the world's most popular plumber. Undecided voters will be free of the spotlight to go back to their anonymous lives of crippling indecisiveness. Saturday Night Live will have to resort back to writing original, non-political, non-humorous, sketches again.

What this also means is the end of my series of tangentially election related blog entries (at least until the next presidential election cycle). From the Hillary's histrionics in New Hampshire, to the Palin announcement, to the presidential debates, to the rise of Obama, to this meeting on the eve of election day; it has been a quite a ride...quite an increasingly annoying and tiresome ride that I'm glad is finally coming to a conclusion.

In any case, always the great prognosticator that I am here's my completely unscientific, hastily created, projected electoral tally:

I think it's a little more generous to McCain than most of the non-Fox based projections. I'm going with more Bradley Effect over white guilt. Remember everyone, Vote or Die!

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