Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank U

A happy message of thanks from all of us (using the royal "we" there) at Victor Sells Out. Being so swept up in the seasonal spirit (and needing any reason to take a break from killing myself over this final paper), here's a personal hand turkey using nothing but a sharpie and a highlighter for the whole internet to enjoy. As you can see I even named him after recently deceased author and oral historian Studs Terkel.

So what am I thankful for this year?:
  • The quality display of sidal nudity for Britney Spears' "Womanizer" video. As a fan of all forms of sidal from side boobs to Rochelle, Rochelle, I must say it was an exemplary achievement in partial nudity.
  • Cheap gas. Sure it's driven by the reduced fuel demands of the dismal US economy and is actually an ominous sign of further economic troubles; but yesterday I filled up at $1.79 a gallon! I'm pretty sure I was in high school the last time it got this low. You stick some AP history textbooks in the backseat and Weezer's Green Album in the front dash and it's senior year all over again!
  • The promise of a free bottle of my favorite beverage courtesy of Axel Rose.
  • The Wendy's Double Stack still being a fixture of the Super Value Menu. It's comforting to know that even during these tough times for our country, the Super Value Menu can still give me this piece of delicious double barreled fast food pleasure for a buck.
  • Batman: The Complete Animated Series. The entirety of my beloved Batman series, all together in a big shiny, feature-laden box set; complete with art book. If anyone has about 75 bucks to throw around...
  • A nationally televised RickRoll. It would have been an even more enjoyable surprise had they not previously announced him at the beginning of the broadcast. Despite the spoiler, I still didn't think he'd actually come out and sing the song! It made for the most entertaining parade since that one year the Sonic the Hedgehog balloon went nuts and took out a lamppost.
  • And of course like every year, I give thanks for another year of comfortably humorous "Lockhorns" comic strips. Bitter jokes about women drivers and mother-in-laws and husbands not asking for directions will be never go out of style.

And of course, the only real reason why anyone would check out a blog post titled "Thank U":

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  1. I too am thankful for the lockhorns, also marmaduke. The Rick Roll would have been better if he really sang, instead of lip synching. Unfortunately we may have to accept that he's just not the same Rick anymore.

    Happy Thanksgiving.