Sunday, November 30, 2008

10! Again....

This is just another in my continuing traditional of posting useless filler entries to make up my self prescribed arbitrary monthly quotas.

In somewhat of a post script to my previous entry on AT&T's unorthodox cellphone advertisements, I also wanted to mention another commercial (this time for the Go Phone) that caught my attention:

The part that initially grabs my attention are the inspired choices for voice acting. The gingerbread son is obviously voiced by Norm McDonald and I'm fairly sure the gingerbread father is voiced by none other than Steve Buscemi. Norm brings his trademark indifference to the reading of a character that is suppose to be youthful and excited over phone while the pure frustration Steve's character displays at the unstoppable forces eating his house ("Come on man, it's the holidays!") reminds me of his character from "Ghost World". Once you add that to the completely surreal situation of a suburban gingerbread father balancing cellphone costs and repairing his house from constant consumption, you get a truly interesting 30 seconds (at least for the first 10,000 times I'll see it).

If only those stupid Chips Ahoy cookies reacted this way their divine hands of fate.

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