Tuesday, September 30, 2008

100!!...And to a lesser extent, 10!!

There is absolutely no other reason for this post except for the fact that I just noticed that I was sitting on 99 posts for the year and 9 post for the month. I figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone and round them both off into their respective powers of 10. I'm always a sucker for round numbers (and asses).

Just so you don't feel that this post was a total waste of time (unlike all the other relevant informative posts), here's that random GAP commercial from the 90s with Daft Punk and Academy Award nominated, developmentally challenged actress, Juliette Lewis, all duded up in denim.

That 30 second clip never fails to baffle me. What a crazy nexus in time is was when all three of those things came together.


  1. this commercial is made only more baffling by the fact that it was produced during that odd slump in between daft punk's cool phases - after michel gondry stopped doing their music videos, but before they had crazy light pyramid live shows. i have a theory (and by theory i mean, i believe it is the undisputed truth) that "digital love" is the single euro-trashiest song ever written. the only song that arguably rivals it is europop sensation alphabeat's cover of the song.

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