Thursday, September 18, 2008

On the Lighter Side...

If you haven't noticed already, since the week began, the US economy has had a bit of a hiccup. While all these big numbers and gloomy outlooks seem ominous, I for one am not all that concerned. Life has gone on fairly uneventfully for me this week and I predict that there won't be much change from that. When the collapse of our investment institutions and economic shock waves from the toxic home mortgage market finally trickles all the way down to me and makes my Wendy's Dollar Menu go up, that's when I'll start writing to my congressman (you're on notice Steve Rothman-D).

One big side effect of this little financial episode (aside from all the people losing their jobs and savings) was that this week has been the golden age of stock "Wall Street/Business News " footage. Never again (well until the next financial crisis) will we see such a prolific display of all the classic B-roll "economic trouble" footage, in television and print; classics like: forlorn floor traders, or people walking out with boxes, or people standing in front of the logos of their troubled businesses. The only images more timeless then the business trouble ones are the "obesity in America" anonymous fat people shots. I have to believe there has to have been at least one incident where someone decided to take stock of their life and start eating right and exercising regularly after recognizing their fat faceless ass on a news report about the rise in heart disease.

All this actually reminds me of a totally overlooked but one of the more chuckle worthy SNL sketches of the past five years (and Lord knows the laughs are few and far between). And for all those people out there who are still concerned about their fiscal futures, here's my can't fail secret for assured financial security.

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