Friday, November 16, 2012

78 Lines About 26 Women: N to Z

You can finally release yourself from the agonizing strain of anticipation, the second half of my poetry anthology featuring the fabulous fictional females of N to Z has arrived. Full disclosure, I had to do some straining with some of the less popular letters. Call me ethnocentric but frankly I couldn't come up with many options for U or O or Z. I don't even want to get into it with X, I originally considered punting it all together considering the only three choices I could think of where warrior princess Xena, bond villaness Xenia (Onatopp), and South American sensation Xoxchisa...Xoxchoshe...Xox... So cut me some slack, I'm no Nipsey Russell:

I was into Nell
She did not like me as well
Took a while to tell

I admit Odette
My solitary regret
Is that he had met

Our brief union, Pat
I can't recall much of that
Just your friendly cat

A good girl named Quinn
Would often dabble in sin
Like drinking straight gin

What went wrong with Rose?
It's a mystery no one knows
Boredom, I suppose?

Oft I think of Sue
Is she thinking of me too?
Does it make her blue?

I remember Tess
The affair was such a mess
Still fun, I confess

I knew an Ulla
For work she taught the hula
Lived on dad's moolah

Our dynamic, Viv
Of just you take and I give
Was no way to live

What about Winnie?
Well she was sort of skinny
Voice somewhat tinny

I danced with Xena
Strangely plump ballerina
At the cantina

Night: I met Yvonne
Day: She was already gone
That's all that went on

I'll picture Zara
With a silver tiara
A shinning aura

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