Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Post Is Lamer Than FDR's Legs.

Well, it took over 97 years which included: 11 Oscars, the highest grossing film of all time, one of the most diabolically difficult computer games ever sold, and a baffling Tony Award winning musical; but the final survivor of the Titanic passed away earlier today. Sadly, while this all but assures that Bill Paxton will never be able to find the Heart of the Ocean, there is one silver lining to be found from this solemn passing. With nearly a century and no direct lives in being from the tragedy, whatever statute of limitations there was on Titanic jokes is officially over! Watch out Lusitania, you're next.

Also, I find it totally bananas that Gloria Stewart is still alive and kicking (and according to her wikipedia page, BFFs with fellow, surprisingly alive, nonogenarian actress Olivia de Havilland). She was actually older than the last surviving Titanic survivor!


  1. oh my god! Titanic: AOOFT was the hardest game i've ever played! i don't even remember ever winning. i just remember that everyone looks dead already, the turkish bath room guy being creepy, and "in a New York minute". I'm amazed you remember. good show sir, good show.

  2. I'm always surprised by the ever expanding number of people who tell me they played this little cult title.

    The game was a depressing exercise in futility. If you somehow managed to not die on the ship you'd get killed when the Nazis get the bomb or the Soviets take over the world. But, hey we're all suckers for anything involving time travel.