Saturday, February 28, 2009

Orange you glad?

As my final, quota matching, post of the month, I would just like to mention my immense satisfaction over the return of the traditional Tropicana Orange Juice Carton. As a life long drinker of Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice, I shared the dismay and disappointment with my fellow drinkers when we came across the needless abomination of packing design that was the new Tropicana logo. I grew up with the timeless orange straw logo and even once attempted (with complete futility) to actually drink the juice out of an orange via straw. Instead of the classic straw speared orange that greeted us at the refrigerated juice aisle for all those years, we were exposed to a generic piece of re-branding gone wrong that failed to even clearly distinguish "no pulp" to "extra pulp" without effort.

The fact that, we the consumer were able to voice a strong enough opinion on these new packages to force a change by parent Pepsi Co. provided me with an encouraging glimmer of faith in our democracy and our capitalist system; two basic elements of the American experience that haven't seen the best of times in recent years. Perhaps this minor victory for the juice loving public will be the first of many momentum shifting victories that'll help turn the tide of these tough economic times to a better, brighter future. At the very least, we'll have a nice satisfying glass of orange juice before facing those challenges ahead.

Also, in addition to this week's defeat in the court of general juice opinion there was also the stunning revelation that the Obama team was clearly going the other way in the Pepsi challenge. These two defeats in one week for Pepsi Co should give some indication among the top brass that this major branding overhaul was just a worthless, expensive quagmire. Let's turn that logo back to its proper alignment!

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