Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So as it turns out the day after my "Subway Five Dollar Footlong" post, the good people at Subway HQ decide to apply (for a limited time) the five dollar footlong policy to all the regular subs (I'd like to delusionally believe that it was due to the mass reaction from all the readers of this blog). Until this promotion ends, my previous power rankings should be taken (like the emerging majority of major league baseball statistics for the past decade and a half) with a large asterisk since they were only referring to the pre-promotion five dollar footlongs. In the mean time, if you even wanted to explore all the wild, uncharted boundaries of the subway sandwich menu, now is the time to do it on the cheap. I for one like the Subway Club. Just go into your local Subway and non-verbally flash a five sign and then hold your hands about a foot apart; they'll take care of the rest.

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