Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sentimental Hogwash

If you haven't noticed already, a certain 44th President is having the "best day ever". When I was hired as possibly the first Asian teenager at my local A&P in high school, all I was given was a name tag and a quick tutorial, this was a little bigger. If you really think about it, given the extent of global media coverage and the age we live in, at this moment he is quite possibly the most popular person in the history of mankind. Going by all the people glued to the TVs at school today, you'd think it was the last episode of MASH (now there's appointment television; you could in theory get two Obama inaugurations, but only one series finale of "MASH.").

With all the attention and historic images that have been pouring in all day, the most striking one to me surprisingly was old Dick Cheney in a wheelchair.

Seeing the now former VP in that state reminded of another notable, bald, wheelchair bound, curmudgeon:
I'm not sure what Mr. Cheney's post Vice Presidential plans include, but I wouldn't put taking over the savings and loan and creating a crooked, hedonistic slum town known as "Cheneyville" beyond him.

As for you Mr. President, I'm willing to give you a pass on this $150 million dollar multi day Obamafest in the middle of a growing recession; on account of history and the expected national catharsis resulting from the end of the previous administration. You can rub elbows with Jay-Z, have your parades, and attend your ten balls (infact by the 10th ball you should be like Fonzie in that episode where he had to win a dance contest with Joanie and pretend you're all danced out and then wow everyone with a crazy Fonzie dance).

However, Wednesday morning I expect you to get down to some serious work.

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