Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You will find me in the matinee, the dark of the matinee.

Today I decided to break my standard summer time routine of laying around the house all day and went to the local multiplex to see a movie. I went to see "Knocked Up", thus becoming just about the last person in America to have seen this movie. I can write off the whole activity as an actually constructive use of my time though since it had been a summer goal of mine for a while. I can now proudly check that off my mental list of summer time goals (watch out "replace E string on guitar" and "spend some time on the treadmill" you might be next). The movie had come out just around the time I was heading off to Central America for a month so by the time had come back it had already run its course with everybody I knew. Being the odd man out of the loop I went to see it alone when I found out my local Loews was still running it.

So thus I found myself by myself in a movie theater at one in the afternoon on a Wednesday, with literally two other people (some old couple) watching a 2 month old movie complete with its totally dated previews. This was actually the second straight movie I found myself watching alone in an empty theater. Circumstances had prevented me from seeing the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters until about the last week in its brief theatrical run. After two straight such experiences, you know what? I kinda dig this whole solo movie thing!

I don't know how this unwritten law developed where you shouldn't go to a movie by yourself, unless its a porno. There's really nothing much of the standard movie watching experience that can be enhanced by having a group of your friends. I mean there are exceptions like going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show or maybe going to a notoriously bad movie just to riff on it a la MST3K, but for just watching your average Hollywood picture I might actually be starting to prefer the solo touch. It's main benefit is it bypasses the logistical issues: getting your friends together at the same time, agreeing on a picture, buying tickets, the awkwardness and difficulty of trying all sit around the same area; all that stuff. It's essentially all the issues addressed in "The Movie" episode of Seinfeld where Jerry and the gang try to go to the movies together and hilarity ensues. Also, going alone avoids a personal pet peeve of mine where after the movie everyone feels obligated to give their instant impression of the film or ask someone else about their's. I just want to let the film percolate for a while before I pass any judgment on it.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm now going to be some multiplex hermit or something. I still enjoy hanging out with my friends and if it weren't for the concept of the movie date I would have been forced to think of new and interesting activities every time I went out with somebody. I just think people should overcome the taboo and go out an experience the carefree solo movie experience for themselves. So whether you have a secret urge to see "License to Wed" without your friends knowing about it or you missed out on "Ocean's 13" and someone's still playing it somewhere, get out there and enjoy yourself.


  1. I loathe watching movies with people. I'm not anti-social, but there's so much more awkwardness involved when you come with a group. People insist on waiting in the long snack lines, the previews are essentially 15 minutes of people giving reviews of movies they haven't seen yet (making sure to point out which ones you MUST see together when they're released), and people either make pointless comments during the film (much like I'm making pointless comments on your blog) or ask, "What's happening?" every two seconds. It usually ends up in frustration, then a trip to Blockbuster several months later so I may watch the film in peace.

  2. I used to go to movies by myself almost everyday when I lived away from home.. I didn't know anyone and there was a 2 dollar theater a couple of blocks away. It isn't bad. I like to go on dates by myself, anyway. I think I'm much more interesting to be with than any of these West Virginia boys 'round here. :)

  3. Just so you don't get any ideas--if you ever do go to see License to Wed, I WILL find out about it, regardless of who you go with.

  4. solo movies sound fun...can i come?

  5. You want to let the film... peculate for a while?