Thursday, July 12, 2007

10 Random comments about me I found on the Internet

About 48 hours after my cable TV debut , the blogosphere is buzzing:

"That Victor guy was awesome."

"Victor, will you be my friend? Heck, I'd party with all of you. You're taking 'power-geeks' as the utmost compliment, right?

(The haters just don't understand the sense of zen one gets when one is a self-realized nerd. It's their loss.)"

"Victor I'm sure made a lot of friends during the taping with his 'hello how are you doing today, can I get you a cup of coffee attitude.' Do the rules of hating allow for me to wonder if these guys have ever touched a woman (or man if thats their persuasion)? If not, then I will gladly redact that statement..."

"hey im watching you now and im masturbating to you too ;-)"

"Could that asian guy be any more obnoxious?"

"That asian kid, what's his name, Victor, I wonder if his arms got tired from doing faux guitar windmills all night. And then to say that the other team was "older but not necessarily wiser" was a total cocky thing to say when his team didn't handily beat the other team. I think he knew all those places in that Kokomo song because he probably spends a lot of time at home listening to it in his bedroom, while strokin it to the lingerie section of the Sears catalogue, dreaming he was in those places with a girl, ANY girl!"

"i heart victor lee

hes my weapon of choice"

"i don’t know The Victor myself but i wont lie he is cute in a dorky way but hey nothing wrong with that… it can be sexy … lol i’m sure these guys are gonna get a lot of groupies!"

"You don’t really expect a dorky Asian guy wearing a Spinal Tap t-shirt to be able to name all the place names mentioned in Kokomo, but he at least knew enough to beat the other guy"

"Victor is a bag of dick!!!!"

And if for all you livejournalers out there...


  1. Eeeep. I absolutely adore you.. I just signed up for this Blogger thing just to tell you that. :D

  2. I find the bag of dicks comment was a real zinger.

    Since you have a lj account - I suggest joining a community called "Oh No They Didn't"

    it is a shitpot of pop culture and harry potter ending leaks.