Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Victor's Ultimate Birthday "Meh"-ga Mix '17

You probably thought I forgot about posting the follow up "worst of" mix tracks. Well, the jokes on you, I was merely procrastinating on posting the follow up!

I've obviously gotten real lazy when it comes to this blog but perhaps a part of the reason for my procrastination on this post was that these tracks weren't all that lousy and subconsciously I was feeling bad for calling them out.

I have to admit there aren't any true stinkers on here. My friends have been getting me these mixes for a while now and they usually know a dud when they see it. However, mix ranking is ultimately a zero sum game and for a top list there has to be a bottom list.

Perhaps down the line I will mellow with age and just eliminate this list entirely. Until then here are this year's bottom 7 songs plus a bonus track of a hit song I genuinely hate to fill out the minimum track count (hint: it's not another Ray Stevens track but it is a country crossover hit).

Unleash hell!

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