Friday, August 26, 2016

Victor's Ultimate Mega Mix '16

"Better late than never" has always been a prominent philosophy in my life. Sure, your paper's gonna get docked half a grade but hey, what are you gonna do, take the zero?

Just when you thought the yearly Mega Mix was done, just another youthful affectation from my twenties that failed to make it all the way up through my thirties; here it comes hobbling in three months late.

While I am only now getting around to posting it, I did finalize the list about a month ago so I do wonder if it is no longer accurate. There is always the chance that my tastes have totally changed since then. A surprising amount of stuff can happen in a month after all.

While I don't think my fondness for novelty story songs have waned much in the past month, you'll have to treat the below 14 tracks as more of a snapshot from a younger, less world wise, early 32 Victor as opposed to the elder mid early 32 Victor. Though, frankly for those who know me I don't think there will be that many surprises.

Let us journey back to early summer:

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