Thursday, January 30, 2014

Double Take

For about the last year or so I've occasionally come across ads from Discover Card's "We Treat You Like You'd Treat You" campaign while watching Hulu (they were probably on regular TV too). The ads are meant to show how friendly and superior Discover's customer service is and how their customer service people will treat you like you would treat yourself. To demonstrate the point they have the same actor playing both the caller and the Discover employee explaining to the call how great all their features are. The characters are varied from sassy black women, to paranoid private investigators, to unhappy mothers, and bewildered spouses.

I never really paid much mind to these ads. These weren't exactly all that memorable but I suppose there were way worse :30 adverts out there. However I have to admit that I was legitimately surprised by the most recent one:

Every other so far has been presented as visual representations of Discover treating the customer like the customer would themselves, but here it turns out they are literally twins. I did not see that coming. Although now that I think about it, shouldn't the sister who was working for Discover have figured out that she was talking to her twin when she pulled up her customer information? 


  1. Are you sure they are the same actors in these commercials? I got into an argument with Ads (which is ironically your label for this post) about this very topic. I say they are different people.

  2. Instead of being asleep, I did your research for you. BAM!

    1. Good for SCCC.

      Upon closer inspection they may be different actors, although that would totally go against the main idea of the campaign. Still, since we're talking about it maybe it worked after all.