Sunday, June 03, 2012

Victor's Ultimate Birthday "Meh"-ga Mix '12

Now that we've had our fun doling out birthday mix CD cheers, it's time to move on to the jeers. As much as the top twenty Mega Mix is on its way to becoming a tradition, so is the dreaded bottom ten "Meh"-ga Mix. Believe me, I take far more joy in evaluating and selecting my favorite tracks than panning out the bottom percentile. The decisions become a lot more difficult and the whole thing probably takes me twice as long as the former (but since I'm only making half as may selections, I guess it actually takes the same amount of time then).

Despite the difficulty, I still feel it's necessary and that people are curious to see the results. I've always preferred reading negative and the "Jeers" over the "Cheers" in TV Guide. In addition it's another excuse to put together another mix compilation; can't pass up that kind of opportunity. As to the mix, I do wonder if it is actually better for a song to be selected for the bottom compilation than just be the solid majority songs that aren't good or bad enough for either mix compilation. After all, I remember the tracks of last year's worst of mix far better than all the superior songs that avoided relegation. Is it preferable to be memorably notorious than forgettably solid?

It's something to ponder while listening to these personally "blah" tracks.


  1. I will get you to embrace your love of difficult and vocally histrionic post-punk yet, Victor.

    By the way, if you're only coming to one of Lisa and my birthdays, you better be mixing for both of us when you show up.

  2. Why settle for post-punk when I can get fresh current punk?

    Don't worry, y'all will get your mixes on time.