Thursday, August 04, 2011

What the Fax?

I had the superfluous task of sending an "official fax" to my bank earlier this week and, like many modern individuals who don't have easy access to an office fax machine and no longer have landlines in their home, I had to go a nearby copy place and pay the exploitative price of $1.50 a page to use an ancient monolithic fax machine made circa 1992. We just retired the space shuttle and have long since gotten over Joe Piscapo and yet this living fossil from the over three decades ago still somehow remains in our 21st century homes alongside our flat screens and iPads, is a fixture of even the slickest, modern office, and is still sold (do companies even bother to make new models anymore?) alongside the latest tech gear at Staples.

Try as we might, it appears that contemporary society still cannot completely obsolete the dusty fax machine. I think it's quite ironic that of all the farout retro visions of 2015 as shown in "Back to the Future II" from hover cars to up to the second weather prediction to $50 bottles of Pepsi, the one thing they may still end up unintentionally getting right will be the continued relevance of fax machines (although they may not be as ubiquitous as to be in every room of the house). So given the seemingly invincible, obsolescence proof, recession proof, public need for basic faxing services combined with the sharp decline of people actually having fax machines in their homes, there might be a market for an outlet store whose whole purpose is to provide reasonably priced faxing services (like a laundromat for faxes).

I'll take care of the name if you're willing to provide the capital, time, labor, and is okay with assuming all the risks. Take your choice:
  1. Just The Fax
  2. Reasonable Facsimile
  3. Faxonomy
  4. Faximum Overdrive
  5. Faxination
  6. The Fax Man
  7. F.A.X. (Fax Access eXchange)
  8. Fax In The Box
  9. Fax Solo
  10. Yes We Have Fax Machines Here
  11. The Faxin' Invasion
  12. Death and Faxes
  13. Lord Faxondale's Faxtastic Faxdom
  14. Fax On The Run
  15. Fax City, USA, Population You


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  2. Why was there a fax in the closet? Who is sending that, your shoes?

    Also, what about Faxtotum?