Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Toke Over The Line

"Family Guy" may have gradually declined in every other conceivable way since coming back from the television grave in 2005 (has it really been that long?), but one aspect of the show that appears to have still held up over the years is Seth McFarlane's uncanny ability to but on big, lavish, classic musical pastiches. It's shades of those classic Brian and Stewie "Road to X" episodes from the show's initial run. I don't even know what the rest of the episode is about, nor do I really care, but I still thought this musical number was pretty solid.

Also, while nine at night is definitely a different context than four in the afternoon on TRL, it seems that television censorship has gotten a lot more lax since the days of MTV editing out the word "hash" in Weezer's "Hash Pipe" video in 2001. God speed Mikey Welsh, shine on you crazy diamond.

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